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" We are on acquiring assignments that focus on business communication issues (in the broadest sense of the issue), on managing projects on business proposals/tenders etc. and on financial and legal management thereof, in order to well position and to promote group members and strengthen the bond with their beloved customers and highly valued service partners. " - Patricia and Peter



PKG MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd (2022) is formally known as PayungJingga (2018), contain the best of PayungJingga and KNOWMAD Productions Sdn Bhd (1999) and covers the entire subject of 'Communication'. We sort your communication issues out, we structure, design, guide and deliver the message to your stakeholders and or (potential) customers.


With views to the primary external/internal communication issues that service providers like KNOWMAD and MDBC want to answer, PKG MALAYSIA focuses on ways that enable both to strengthen and expand their market position, to achieve greater ease of operation by applying mechanisms that operate underlying processes efficiently and drive a higher return on operational (time) costs. PKG MALAYSIA also explicitly looks at both of their circles of customers/suppliers of services and products with the expectation that they also want to involve us in solution-oriented and affordable plans, aiming ' more for less'!



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No leading questions..

designing the key..

Smart and affordable..

more then expected..

Because we feel proud to know you !


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pETER (Parid) BUITELAAR MD/Communication Strategist
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Patricia sargunan Marketing Director/Executive Producer
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Adrian Williams Film and Animation Director


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Under the motto 'who is not rich must be smart and act', we are always focused on smart, sustainable, and affordable solutions and that is how we structure our organization. 'A lean and mean' organization that makes optimal use of all possibilities to enhance the effect of acting but keep costs to a minimum.

If the foregoing excites you but has not yet invited you to a conversation with us, 'PKG MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd' can offer extremely competitive prices due to the lowest overhead costs in relation to the competitor while delivering (JIT) quality as offered. Lets chat!

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