" At a time when artists, cultural minorities, cultural heritage and cultural expressions are increasingly under attack, defending the cultural rights of individuals and communities has never been more important. "

KNOWMAD, its job..

Czech Film Festival Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2022


The communication for the entire program is in handling by Knowmad Productions and the festival kicks off at the 23rd of September 2022.....

PKG approved name change

Joint Operations

MOU per 11th of September 2022

Out of 2 companies, a joint operation has been started. PKG MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd, replaced PayungJingga, the latter remain division.

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PKG MALAYSIA contain the best of KNOWMAD Productions Sdn Bhd (1999) and PayungJingga Resources (2018).

PKG MALAYSIA is also trading under the names KNOWMAD FILM & ANIMATION.

Knowmad Logo

What has brought us together is our passion for solving communication issues, were our beloved client want to make THE unique difference and want to work towards fluid internal and external relationships with stakeholders, staff customers and suppliers of products and services. Read on Linkedin...

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PayungJingga-MDBC News

21st of July 2022; Management Support to MDBC

"PayungJingga offers MDBC Strategic Communication Management and offers 'hands-on' assistance to the desire to structurally shape Strategic Account Management of relationships with the Central Government of Malaysia (Putrajaya)" 

The goal is to obtain partnership with government institutions, to strengthen cooperation so that (SME) Members of MDBC can benefit at an early stage from targeted knowledge and information about developments in order opportunities and threats, so that these members become in a better competitive position and obtain better sales opportunities.